Our Chicharon

Crafted with Passion

Crafted with Passion

Utmost care is poured in preparing each batch of Memz Premium Pork Chicharon. 

Our 3-Day Process begins with pork: only the choicest cuts. We slice them, creating devilishly small, bite-sized bits that is easy to munch on without hurting one’s palette. Careful cooking through our unique, no-oil, multi-fry method extracts incredible FLAVOR, and amazing CRUNCH!

Once the frying process is complete, the chicharon is brought to the packing station while the lard is bottled and sold.  Only to start the 3-Day Process once more.

Our Manifesto

ICHIBAN. To be Number 1. As a company, we always strive to deliver the best possible product to give our consumers the ultimate chicharon experience. Anything less will be ordinary. BITE SIZE. CRUNCHY. and UTTERLY DELICIOUS!

Payment Options

We have various modes of payments for the convenience of our customers. We offer Cash On Delivery, Paypal (using credit cards or Paypal funds).

Affordable Shipping

We ship to selected cities nationwide with affordable rates in areas covered by our trusted couriers. Up to 4 business days if within Metro Manila and up to 8 business days if outside Metro Manila.